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My name is Cudato. I help you talk to your customers wherever they are and whatever communication channel they use.

Your customers want to talk to you on their favorite platform.

Unified Messenger

The time when you could get by with an email address and a phone number is gone.

Today, your customers are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – and you want to meet them there. Most likely You have also added that live chat widget to your website.

Now that became 6 different inboxes to monitor. If your support team is more than one person, this becomes a headache quickly.

What if you could talk to your customers across platforms – from one single dashboard?

  • Connect any messaging channel to Cudato: Viber, Messenger, Line, Skype, SMS, Email.
  • Read and respond to all messages from a single, human-friendly dashboard.


  • Route messages between teams and support agents.


  • Know your top performers, weak points, and response times – and make data-driven decisions.
Customer Communication Platform

Powerful analytics across all channels

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

— Peter Drucker


Cudato gives you a bird-eye view of your customer interactions across all platforms.


Who are your top performers? What are your response times? Which are peak workload hours?


We give you all the data – it’s up to you to make adjustments.

Early Adopters Welcome!

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