Messenger apps for your business locations, employees and customers

Cudato applications allow you to sell your goods and services using your Facebook page. Just engage your employees to become concierges for customers.


Message management

Single message storing hub hub for all your IM providers and multi-location pages on Facebook.

All the messages you receive are stored and analyzed on our servers and forwarded to the most relevant employees or applications according to your brands business processes.

Employees that are not administrators of your FB pages will be able to help your customers directly through the IM communication channel they prefer.

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E-Commerce platform

For all your commerce needs we provide an in-house built easy-to-use e-commerce platform that leverages AI to detect customers intentions and sort accordingly:

  • Easy orders
  • Efficient appointments
  • Customer support

The platform can also forward messages to your favourite ERP, CRM or IMS.

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Get access to the insights of your employee-customer communications, and apply the best techniques to improve the success rate of the incoming communications.  

Those are:

  • Average response time
  • Satisfaction score of each conversation
  • Employees  performance during the communcation
  • Communication forecasts

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Our Practice

Our software is so easy to use that employees can act on customer requests even from their messengers


We would put references fora all the proof that Messaging would work as a commerce [conversational commerce] — Andriy M

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Customer loyalty

Keep customer loyalty at hight level with Cudato solution. We would help your organization to apply communication strategies which would suite your process best so your customers would love it.